Competition Etiquette For Athletes And Spectators

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conroycupTo help all those involved in the sport of twirling, here are some guidelines for coaches, athletes and parents to keep in mind at competitions.

♥ Our volunteers work hard to run competitions. Please allow them the time to set up in the morning by respecting the “door opening time” stated in the brochure or entry form.

♥ Most facilities do not allow food or drinks in the gym. When this rule is ignored, trash and spills can create a loss of use of that facility. Please be aware of any trash you create and clean it up before you leave.

♥ Many of us are excited to see our children involved in a competition. Flash photography is strictly forbidden in the gym. It can cause an athlete to be distracted or blinded temporarily, creating a dangerous situation. Your cameras are welcome but please use high speed films or video cameras that do not require additional lighting.

♥ Keep in mind that the gym floor is for athletes only. Please enter and exit the gym in between sets, walking outside the performance floor, after a team or individual has left the floor and before the announcer gives the “music” cue to the performers. Remember, parents may be trying to watch their child perform!

♥ Please keep your child safe by knowing where they are and how they are behaving. Running on the gym floor, under or through the bleachers is an accident waiting to happen.

♥ Athletes please respect the practice times on the floor. The announcer will let you know when the floor is open for practice of a particular event, such as dance twirl. If you are not in that event you should not be on the floor.

♥ Keep your conversations quiet. Our children deserve our respect when they are on the floor showing us how hard they have prepared for this moment.

♥ Be a cheerleader! Children thrive on positive attention and all teams and individual performers deserve your applause.