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As one of the largest and most successful twirling groups in the United States, we are now in our 42nd fabulous year serving over 2,400 youngsters with our comprehensive full 10 month training program. The Sparklers proudly host 3 major Twirling Competitions each year. This program utilizes the disciplines of practice, the camaraderie of teamwork and the spirit of competition to strive and build strong character and self-pride in all our youngsters. Over the years we have been successful in providing activities to keep team members occupied throughout their pre-teen and teenage years. We encourage our youth to strive for the highest goals, while always playing by the rules and having respect for others. The values learned through these young years live on and influence future lifestyles.
Founded in 1974 by Pat & Mike Walsh
Why Choose Us?

New York State Champions Every Year since 1979
North Eastern Regional Champions Every Year since 1979
National Champions Every Year since 1981

1995 Team USA Gold Medal
1995 World Finals in Geneva 5th place
1996 Team USA Silver Medal
1997 Team USA Gold Medal
1997 World Finals in Hawaii Silver Medal
1998 Team USA Silver Medalist
1999 Team USA Bronze Medalist
2004 Team USA Bronze Medalist
2009 International Cup Gold Medal