Sparklers Twirling

Our Founders

With deep heartfelt love in our hearts and a lifetime of memories we honor our founders, Pat and Mike Walsh.

They were the essence of the Sparklers. They dedicated their lives to the Sparkler Organization, unparalleled to any other. We are so blessed that they collectively molded the Sparklers into what they are today, the largest Baton Twirling Organization in the State of New York! This year we celebrated 48 years of love, friendship and a lifetime of twirling!

God bless you Pat and Mike and all who have followed in your footsteps. You nurtured the children of our communities into mature, responsible people, with a passion for life, and a determination to meet challenges with high self-esteem and knowledge. They now know that they can do whatever they choose to do in this great world of ours. May you both continue to shine down on us today and everyday!

We will forever be grateful for all the imprints you have left in our lives!

May you Rest In Peace.