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Travel Program

Our Program:

The Sparklers Travel Program is designed to take the step from recreational twirling to competitive twirling. Participants ages 5 and up can expect an enriching experience that goes beyond the confines of their local school. Traveling for competitions and events adds an exciting dimension to the sport, but it also comes with certain expectations. Athletes are expected to maintain a high level of dedication and commitment to their training regimen. Traveling for competitions often means intense preparation and focused practice to ensure peak performance. This includes regular attendance at practices, diligent skill refinement, and mental preparation for the pressures of competition. Additionally, participants who are a part of our travel program are expected to represent our organization with professionalism and sportsmanship at all times. This means displaying respect for fellow competitors, judges, and event organizers, regardless of the outcome of the competition. Representing the values of the organization is paramount. Furthermore, athletes should be prepared to adapt to new environments and challenges while on the road. Traveling for competitions may involve navigating unfamiliar venues, adjusting to different climates and time zones, and maintaining focus amidst the excitement of travel. Flexibility, resilience, and a positive attitude are essential qualities for thriving in a travel program sport.

Join Travel

If you are interested in travel, tryouts occur every August and the season begins in September and goes through to July. To sign up for a try out please fill out the form below. If you are a current sparkler twirler who is a part of our inhouse program, please contact your coach for more information.